July 3rd 2019

Introducing the Pay CBD Forward Community

Our mission is to constantly strive to get CBD into the hands of those who need it most.  Those are the poor, the sick, and the elderly that need the health and wellness most but who can't afford their current prescriptions let alone another bill.

To start the movement,  for the next 3 months, PayCBDForward is sending CBD to at least 3 friends who we will announce on our company and personal Facebook and Instagram pages.

Our only ask is that our friends agree to PayCBDForward using one of our Preferred Retail Partners to a friend of their theirs with the same terms attached (That they Pay it Forward too).

To keep things moving, please PayCBDForward within a week of receiving your CBD.

Of course, this is on the honors system,  but remember it is always better to give than to receive.

We want this to Go Viral so that everyone can participate in the movement immediately ! You can start your own #PayCBDForward chain by sharing #PAYCBDFORWARD with your friends on social media.  Also please tell us about it Instagram and Twitter, we would love to hear your story because it encourages others.   Please encourage your friends to use PayCBDForward.com to support the community mission of giving to those who cannot afford to pay it forward.

A short thing on Hempworx and our Other Partners: Some people might object because it is an MLM, which carries a connotation for them for one reason or another.  Hempworx is currently a Priority CBD Retail Partner because it has a quality product, fast shipping,  an most importantly, a quality affiliate program. 

Because the #PAYCBDFORWARD mission relies on retail sales at our Preferred CBD Retail Partners, we choose partners that are willing to support the movement at a higher rate .  If you don't want to use a particular Preferred CBD Retail Partners,  there are plenty more to choose from.  If you have a favorite brand that deserves consideration, message us on Twitter.  We love hearing from our friends.  We have also selected our other retail partners after extensive research in our best efforts to maximize the quality and benefits to the community.  

Remember, Sales at our CBD Retail Partners affiliate program will help raise funds for the #PayCBDForward Community . At least 10% of these funds will go towards providing CBD to vets, poor, and elderly that cannot afford CBD.

Founders of the #PayCBDForward community